11 May 2012

salad and sprite

Our two new "science projects" were found lurking in the bug-controlled territories of our lettuce today. Meet Sprite and Salad (so monikered by the boy-o).
As boy-o and I discussed, Salad and Sprite are difficult to see because of the wonders of camouflage. They've made a semi-permanent settlement on the kitchen window sill, along with Beanhilda the bean sprout and some random herb sproutlets (one of which is growing out of the bottom of its container because I'm so good at plants).

Here, in this highly scientific gif, the boy-o demonstrates how wormy things with segmented bodies move. Please excuse our yard mess. Two dogs and a foster dog can make your yard unpresentable pretty swiftly. Their favorite activities seem to be destroying all outside towels and prematurely ending the lives of all cheap plastic kids' toys. Also pooping. And, yes, my 4 year old is sporting a Clonyclavan.

If you'd like to raise your own caterpillars, all you need is an old (clean) plastic bottle, some flora, (preferably heritage organic blahblahblah lettuces that the bugs in your yard think belong to them so you go ahead and just agree with them because they're probably right), a touch a of water, and, you know, the caterpillars. We put in some weedy flowers to be twee about it. Also, air holes. They will so die without air holes. I used a rusty nail to poke holes, but you could be more elegant about it. 

06 March 2012

blah blah blah blah

boring update: landlord sold our house, we are scrambling to get out. i found some bleach in my closet while packing and put it on my head. the end.

20 January 2012

rabid reader

In order to prepare myself as fully as possible for the life I plan to lead and the skills I want to develop, I've ordered some books (some for as little 25 cents!) from Amazon. The Internet is an excellent tool, but I really do feel more secure with books. As skeptical as I am about the whole "Prepper" mindset, I like the idea that, barring a  house fire or other similarly catastrophic event, books are reliable (well, at least as reliable as the research I've put into finding out if they're full of shit or not), tangible resources that won't ever 404 on me.

As much as I would love to solely support small local bookstores there really aren't any convenient to where we live. I'm not sure that this is any better, but wherever possible, I purchased used books from individual sellers. Used books on Amazon can be incredibly economical if you have the chance to compare costs and reviews. Thrifting books where possible is even better, but I have better luck with fiction and magazines than I do non-fiction.

Because I'm so excited about my finds, I thought I'd share my haul (yes, our money situation has improved a bit!). 

(All images link to Amazon for further description.)

Also, because my kid turns 4 in a few weeks, I picked a few books for him based on areas in which he's the most interested. I don't know if he's "gifted," but I do know that he's very interested in hows and whys of natural processes as well as engineering. I hope he'll be an active participant in the prep and care of our garden this year!

Before I culled my cart, the number of books on the list was .. extensive. One I do regret not grabbing is The Humanure Handbook. I know that the subject of composting human waste is not exactly the most savory, but I find it really interesting. It's not exactly reducing the size of my "footprint" that makes the compost of waste appealing, but as another way not to rely on a for-pay service.

31 December 2011

make your new year's boast and hold it fast.

this month i have: rescued a pasture-sour horse (how was i not killed? i am still not sure) and found her an adoptive family, been officially married for five years, my hens laid their first eggs, i learned how to fall without hurting myself too much, and other shit that would bore you to tears but meant something when it happened.

my root is stronger.

29 November 2011

this is a post only about RED DIRT

went to court, it wasn't no thing, been fucking down, maybe seeing light, maybe not

finding new music is always better than not

24 November 2011

wanksgiving backwards pie

Santa Claus promises a magic economy without scarcity, almost a utopian dream” (McGreevy, 1990). [via this article/essay]

Oh, meant to mention the shitty pie I made. The filling should be awesome -- roasted a pie pumpkin, used yogurt and Chinese Five Spice and all kinds of wild and thrilling ingredients. But. Never used premade pie crusts before, so didn't take the time to realize that the non-frozen ones were not intended for eXxXtreme pie-making. So baked the filling in a glass pie tray, then transferred it to the premade crust, baked for ten more minutes, and VOILA! Backwards pumpkin pie.

Will start on the wild turky (the bird, not the delicious drink) soon.

Oh, and court went pretty well. It was absolutely nothing like court, except that it did happen to occur within the walls of a courthouse.

20 November 2011

when you give, give for real.

I want to put this out in the world:

If you do good things because you feel doing good things entitles you to some sort of ownership over the people you do them for, you're not a good person.

That is all.

embed 'em? i hardly know 'em!

Sounds I find amazing and thrilling and, yanno, good:

Sam Chatmon - "God Don't Like Ugly"

Peggy Lee - "Black Coffee"

The Blenders - "Don't Fuck Around with Love"

The Poni-Tails - "Born Too Late"

Binnie Hale - "As Time Goes By"

ELO - "Mr. Blue Sky" (set to scenes from Eraserhead)

Rolling Stones - "Dandelion" 

Rolling Stones - "19th Nervous Breakdown"

Henry Hall and his Orchestra - "The Clouds Will Soon Roll By"

Sorry for doubling up on the Stones. They're one of the few bands I've been able to stomach lately. 

27 October 2011

more hours of sleep, i need you.

Still waiting to hear whether or not I've been accepted to the graduate studies program.

If I haven't I don't really have a back up plan.

Here's to giving a Plan B a big old fuck you.

I've slept for almost 16 hours in the past 24.

Today is cool and misty and rainy and I hate today. I see no reason for today. Today is doing nothing for me. If today was a person, it would sneeze on me in line at the grocery store and I would say, "No, no, that's okay." Inside I would hate it. I do hate it.

I hate you, today. I hope your cold develops into pneumonia and you can't fight off a secondary infection and you fucking die.

Today is one of those days where I realize that I have almost nothing "going for me." That's an obscenely vague collection of words that I will, merrily even, add to the list of things I detest about today. I'll begrudgingly admit that poor wording and a lackadaisical approach to blogwriting isn't really the fault of a Thursday, but I don't even care. It's Thursday's fault, ya here? YOUR FAULT, THURSDAY, NOT MINE.

I have no money, I have no job, and my biggest accomplishments this month are applying for grad school and driving the car a whopping three times (I have a driving thing, whatever, it's fucking stupid).

My life is ridiculous.Without going through the laundry list of individual problems we've faced the past 3 years, without an effusive acknowledgment that there are many folks in the world having a harder time than us, I'll just say that life has been stupid fucking hard.

Okay, Thursday, so you're almost off the hook. Bigger picture and whatnot. While you suck a massive egg, I think it's my life that's the real element of shit here.

What to do, what to do.

18 October 2011

when pumpkins fly

Trying to edit this photo to mimic the amazing quality of photos out of craft books from the 1970s.
So we've been without internet for, well, awhile. I have my birthday wish, though (I'll be 27 tomorrow) -- no more TV! At least TV that costs money. We're broke, but with the help of family I think we'll manage one way or another. I'm looking forward to a "no buy" November. I found awesome recipes for apple and pear butter, and that's what I'll be making for gifts this year.


The booger and I got to go to a pumpkin farm (thanks to Nana & Papa) for mazes and animal petting and gourds and tractor rides.


03 October 2011


heavyaura, what you looking at?

just this fine thing, is all.
My partner of the slight butt and adorable belly just recently discovered suspenders. They have changed his relationship with pants in a way belts never could. If you're looking to score a nice pair of suspenders, check your local tractor supply/co-op! They carry a pretty decent range of sizes, a few colors, the cost is about 10 bucks, and they seem to last. Partner's been wearing this gray scale pair for about 3 weeks straight!

30 September 2011

let's get small (town); or, is this a photoblog?

this is a hybrid fat of the land post, for sure. a few weeks ago we went out to an alpaca show, bought some seeds, ate amazing diner food, and went to a open-to-the-public pow wow. it was an amazing day, and i was so absorbed i didn't take actual pictures of much of the adventure. i wouldn't have taken photos of the pow wow anyway because, i don't know, that seems in poor taste. and with all of the appropriation of native culture on my tumblr dashboard lately, i just felt like it would border on cultural tourism to post photos of an event that felt very personal. there was amazing intertribal dancing, great food (gator on a stick! it's so tasty), and all these kids just running around together (mine included) in the open area behind all the dancers. we arrived in time for the dance which honored native and non-native veterans. by the way, if you ever attend one of these events, and a dance of this sort is going on, please stand up (if you are physically able, of course). i mean, if you see everybody the hell else stand up, there's probably a good reason for that.

going to the alpaca show

needed to feel fancy as fuck going to the alpaca show, obvs.

this town is literally one long street

i just can't

beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetlejuice

at the little historical village at the fairgrounds

ram damn

little trucks and firewagons were parked all over the grounds of the village

lovely garden, also at the fairgrounds


moar GPOF



cartoonz, man

cool season gardens, let's not killem

i fucking forgot to take photos of the actual alpacas. enjoy this shot of the informational  brochure.