26 October 2010

because today was full of tornados:

True fax: I will go barefoot until it starts icing over
I'm going to document a bright and pretty Fall day to try to shake all the storm and all the gray out of my eyes.

Do you think it disgusts Maura Kelly when fat people love their kids?  
Sandboxes in October.

The view.
No make up and dirty hair happy.


  1. Feeling different surfaces under your bare feet releases your sole. Ahh, there's nothing like a bare foot in grass, feeling the cool, slightly damp earth beneath the gentle blades. The grittiness of concrete is like walking on stiff sandpaper. I love being barefoot. I'm with you 1000% on this one.

  2. all that, plus if I don't have to put on shoes, I don't have to worry about whether my shoes look decent with what I'm wearing. :P

  3. you are just fab-U-lous! love your outlook, style, sense of humor and posts! Can't believe its taken me this long to find your blog!

  4. thank you! took a peek at your blog, and likewise i'm sure! it's always fun to run into other bloggers with kids, too!