21 October 2010

nitwit! blubber! oddment! tweak!

Tomorrow night, I'll be attending my FIRST EVER Wizard Rock show. I'm so excited - not only because going to a show (any kind of show) is a huge treat for me, but because I'll be going with some awesome friends. Plus, you know, it's WIZARD ROCK. (Or wrock, if you want to be cute about it.) I'm going to try and take some photos to post, and I'll supply links and such to the bands/acts if at all possible.

By the way, on a note that is totally unrelated, if you're in school, remember to check near the prof offices (proffices?) for free books and magazines. I love reading glossy rags like New York Magazine, but there's just no way I can afford to subscribe. Magazines are great for cut-em-up craft projects for Baby J too. Thanks to some like-minded professor in my school's English department, I picked up the August and September issues tonight at no cost to me. Hoorj!

Anyway, before I forget again, I wanted to post a few bits from the photo shoot swap I did with Carrie of Sabrosa Vintage. Everything newly posted is size 14+ -- I'm extremely pleased to be able to focus on larger sizes, and many of these new "moonshines" are from my personal collection (either I've outgrown them, or just found that I had two similar pieces).

Oh! I've started one of those dag-blasted Facebook pages for Such Moonshiners -- take a peek if you'd like. I try to feature different sellers several times throughout the week, so please feel free to let me know if you've got a shop I should know about.



  1. Amaaaazing blog... and amazing hips. I think I found a new daily read!

  2. oh, ps... I realize this is not you in this picture, lol... the toy sitting one shows ample hip meat ^_^

  3. Thanks for the follow and for the compliment, lady!

  4. yay! a new blog for me to read!

    a. you look great
    b. i am loving reading your thoughts on the wordier entries.


  5. so sweet of you; thank you ariel!

    hopefully i can kick time in the ass and get some minutes in to keep the longer blogs (which are my favorite, honestly) coming.

  6. Thanks for the follow and for the compliment, lady!