15 December 2010

pretty colors gone ugly

everything pictured is thrift-scored
with the exception of the tights.
I love the way these We Love Colors tights (the shade is kelly green) look with the multiple browns and tans and patterns in this shirt/skirt pairing. I like ugly, though -- so that might just be me.

The tights themselves, sadly... unf. They had a little hole in them before I put them on, but I dig the sliminess of the color so much that I hate the idea of sending them back; plus, they were a gift. To me, these seem to snag a bit on the easy side, too. I'm wearing a size C/D, and while I have lots of room in the tummy, hips, and lower legs, my thighs make the tights go all twisty. Perhaps if I had a more uniform leg, these might fit a bit better - my calves are way small compared to my thighs.

Anyway! Tomorrow is my last exam/paper of my undergraduate degree. Because I have a toddler and pretty much no desire go to a huge public event, I'll probably be skipping my graduation ceremony. I think I'll spend this Saturday (the "official" date of graduation) vegging out on movies and spending some less distracted quality time with my family.

Speaking of family, it's also my 4-year anniversary today! Jack has been laid off and we've both been in finals-mode, so we didn't do anything spectacular. We did get to put up some curtains (behind me in the picture) my mother has lent us for the winter, though, and it makes the living room very cozy.

Stay warm (if you're too cold) or, you know, cool (if you're too warm).