30 December 2010

"There is a delicious garden!"

I've talked a bit about my history with clothes intended for men before. What I don't think I explored enough was the pleasure I still get out of dressing in whatever way appeals to me -- I'm not a femme, though I enjoy taking a cue from femmes in regard to outfit construction when the mood strikes. I just, I guess, have different moods on different days (sometimes weeks), where different aesthetics appeal to me and make me feel good. "Flattering" clothing, I think, is a myth. There is no universal perfect bodily state to which we can all strive, nor are there universal rules about what shapes and styles look good on other people. Certainly, we all have the right to an opinion, but only when we are responsible enough to regard our opinions with a healthy measure of self-awareness. Why do we feel the way we do about how certain bodies (and the clothes on those bodies) look? Rarely is the answer a simple matter of taste (although certainly that can be a factor); often it is a matter of socialization and the ubiquity of the media, the influences of which can be difficult to deconstruct on a personal level. I can't remember which theorist we read who said this -- or said something like this, but to me, in my experiences, the self is never completely transparent to the self.

And now, clothes! I fiddled around today a bit with how to wear my jeans, and which pair of specs (super cheap specs, by the way, which you can find here) I liked better. My partner was getting a real kick out of taking photos today, so there's a few more than usual.

Everything here is thrifted except the cat necklace (from Etsy)
 and the jeans (Calvin Klein via Nordstrom's clearance online)

The pipe was Jack's idea -- both the one I'm leaning on and the one in my mouth.

I quit smoking about 4 years ago, but I sneak a hit every now and then.

Our neighbors leave the best messages.

[title quote from "The Yellow Wallpaper"]