29 January 2011

it's safe!

If you're viewing this blog with Google Chrome, it may show you a malware warning. (Thanks for the heads-up, Rebecca!) We've checked into this, and it's perfectly safe to view/visit my blog. <3

Much new stuff now up at the shop (and more to come) ! Please take a peek -- I'm really trying to price everything fairly, in a way that pays me for time spent looking and photographing, but, ultimately, is affordable to the greatest range of people. It's important to me that folks who see something they like can afford it. I know the feeling of being excluded from that experience very well, and I hate to think I'm doing that to someone else. :/ (I'm also a sliiiiiiight tid bit tipsy at the mo, so my emotions are a tad on the effusive side.) Anyway! Here are some of my favorite items (please please exclude, er, excuse any weird/mean faces I may be making).

Remember, all followers of my blog and/or Tumblr receive 10% off their entire order. Just show me you follow in the "notes to seller."


Much love, y'all.


  1. You're adorable - and the tulip shirt is calling to me, but I don't think it will quite fit my 56" hips.

  2. Thanks lady! I'm sorry I haven't down proper measurements. My work space has been compromised. *grr*

    But! My hips are 55 inches (usually ... I'm PMSing this week, so they may be a a bit bigger than normal), if that helps.

  3. I think green and coral is a lovely unexplored combination!

  4. I cannot get enough of your outfits. They are so retro and effortless. I especially love the studded bomber jacket and the maxi dress. x

  5. Thanks! This stuff is all for sale on the Etsy shop (or it is until my will power cracks up to pieces, anyway).

  6. I think green and coral is a lovely unexplored combination!