17 January 2011

whatever, day.

Today blew. A combination of bad sleep and a weird reaction to my meds turned me into a zombie. It happens.

The craft of the day photo might become a regular thing -- today's was left at Baby J's grandparents' house, so I'll have to slide that one in tomorrow. I think we're doing mixed media on a 50 cent canvas I found at a thrift store tomorrow -- we'll see! Baby J is serious about the involvement of glue in all possible projects. I found safety scissors, glue sticks, and glitter glue at the thrift store, too, so we're set to make some messes.

My clothes made me pretty happy today -- sorry about the strange picture quality. I accidentally came by a new phone (it was a refurb my partner didn't like), so I'm using that to take most of my photos lately. I've also been wearing headwraps lately, and likely this is going to be a thing for me, because I'm totally nerding out and loving all the different ways to wear them.

Yummy, bad lighting. Everything thrifted/vintage, except for the Calvin Klein jeans.
The silk tank is courtesy of Sabrosa Vintage. Meanface courtesy of that
 shitty day I've been on and on about -- NEVERMIND, it's badgerface now.

I reaaaallllllly like this necklace. I'll probably just wear it with everything until I hate it.

Um, kay, I'm not any good at painting nails or anything,
but I've discovered it abates the urges  I get to pick at my various occasionally embarrassing
and somewhat painful  skin conditions. This is already a bit chipped, but it was fun to do. Plus I rediscovered some
  weird little bug nail stickers today. Not that it made the day suck any less, but at least it was cute while it sucked.

The pink spot is a paint splatter from our craft -- the sticker is a wee green worm. Yay worms!

Be not fooled by the smile, I was in total sulk-and-watch-Nick Jr. mode.


  1. I cannot keep up with everything I love on your blog.. I'M DROWNING! This new feature is so, so great. Learning about your life is always real, something about the way you present it. Moar pictures :D Day Of The Badger<3

  2. that last pic of you is awesome! Not that your badger pic isn't, of course.

    Also, the captcha is 'scroadr', which made me think of scrotums for some reason (guess it's the phonetics). Yay scrotums?

  3. Beej, thank youuuuuu! I'm glad yer enjoying the scattered madness!

    Rebecca, thank you for the lulz. That is indeed the most scrotal captcha I've ever heard.