01 February 2011

sometimes a reptile person, just here to bite you with my bacteria-filled mouth.

Everything thrifted except ye olde Docs, from Etsy.

As you can see, I was too lazy to lace them up for the photo.

Annnnnnd, without that Lisa Loeb-y jackety thing.
So, after a crappy, rainy day full of my utter terrible cranky behavior, we're watching Hercules on Netflix. The bad acting is something of a salve. Hera's turning folks to stone -- pretty much what I would've been doing all day, if only I could find some ambrosia.

Also, I want to share this link to MoveOn.org's petition to oppose the new GOP legislation that would redefine rape. Please, do a little googling about this issue if you're not familiar with it and have the time -- I know not everyone has the luxury to read about this stuff like I do. But this, I think, is quite important. I have been sexually assaulted. I have had someone have sex with me when I was passed out (yes, I was drunk, but no, no one can consent to sex when they're passed out). Did I wake up with bruises and broken bones? No. Was I raped? Yep. It took me years to understand that a drunk girl, even a really fucking drunk girl (or drunk/impaired man, or genderqueer, or transgender person) like me, is not "asking for it." But I know it now. I want to protect other people, and I want the government that represents me to do the same.

Thanks y'all.

Keep caring. <3


  1. Thanks for the link to the petition- signing now! I have been abused as well, and while I'm sure whatever senators are in charge of the world would say I wasn't raped, I totally was.

    I love your outfit- I'm thinking of buying docs with my tax money because my last pair of black combat boots are having troubles with the sole (ripped entirely off and I had to e600 them back together). What do you look for when you shop docs?

    Wow that turned into a letter. So sorry- just wanted to pop in and say hi!

  2. Thanks for the comment/letter -- both are totally welcome. ;3 And thanks for signing the petition, too.

    I've been shopping around for the right Docs at the right price (for me) for a long time. When I look on Etsy (and Ebay, though I had better luck and got a better deal on Etsy) I make sure to search in mens and womens sizes, because often shops will list Docs only using one or the other.

  3. I know I'm going to regret it but there is an etsy seller who has a pair of brand new snakeskin docs that are knee high in my size. I feel that they are a little over priced ($140+$18s&h) but I've wanted them for MONTHS and I just decided last night to get them. I still need black ones, but black will be there anytime and these snakeskin beauties just won't.

  4. awesome! I'm not sure typical price ranges for docs with prints, but am glad you found your dream boots and could afford them! <3