25 March 2011

dog star

I've been in a down cycle, so the amount of worthwhile thought jettisoning from my brainmeat has been considerably slight.

One of the rats I gave to a very good friend of mine is dying. Her name is Dorothy, and she's a sweet thing. Rats only live about 3 years at best, so her time is running out fast at well over 2 (plus, from a pet store). She is an incredibly lovely boggling and bruxing (google it) old lady. I hope death is easy for her.

In other news, my dog is growing up and plowing into teenage dog buttphase part 1. In better news, he's scary smart and learned how to shake in about 5 tries. I don't know how many of yall are dogfolk out there, but this is the first dog I've successfully taught to shake, and I'm a bit fuckyeah about my skills right now.

my kid, at this moment, was probably pissed off that we wouldn't let him throw himself into a puddle.

i like the button detail on this turtlewreck.
for fuck's sake, be careful with one another out there, okay?


  1. 5 tries?! That is so amazing, srsly!

    Our dog.... still doesn't get the concept. Unless she is smarter than we think and is just milking the training process for treats :).

  2. once i found a way to get him to lift his paw sort of naturally, he picked it up really fast!

    but yeah... i think many, many dogs know all about the best way to score treats.

  3. I wish my dogs picked up that easily on what I try to teach them. Ginny is smart, but boy is she stubborn, she still tries to pull rank & dominate me!

    I love your hair so much, I miss having short hair so badly, but I'm trying to grow mine!

  4. aww, thanks! i always regret cutting it until it gets about to this length, then it'll go through another awkward stage and i'll hate it again... :P

    Bierce is definitely going through a crappy teenage attitude phase, but he's super food-motivated, more than anything else, so that helps.