09 March 2011

in which i use a whole heap of parentheses...

I know I've been pretty lazy, butTumblr is a bit easier for me at the moment -- what with puppy training and toddler parenting, it's just not as time consuming (for me, I know lots of folks feel differently about the time Tumblr consumes).But! I couldn't help writing up a blurb about Bierce.

Last week, somewhat prompted by our best friends' "adoption" of a stray pit bull (I know how risky that sounds, and is, but they definitely lucked out with Flower -- he's been vetted now, and is in recovery for heartworms, and so far his temperament is amazing), we adopted what we believe is either a Newf mix or a Great Pyr mix -- most likely Pyr, since they are quite common in the south (used as LSGs). He came from a rural rescue called Coffee County Humane Society, where he had been in a foster home  with his siblings.

We've been wanting a dog ever since we had to rehome our beloved Gizmo due to renting restrictions (we still get to see him every now and then, as we know the family). While in a perfect world I would love to have Gizmo back, his new family loves him and they really helped us out by providing him a wonderful home, we'd never ask that of them. Now that we've gotten out of the hellhole (full of black widows and wasps -- it was really worth rehoming a great dog for, huh? :/) in a house of our own with a huge back yard and great neighbors which we don't plan to leave anytime soon (probably not until we're ready to purchase our own home), I think we felt ready to bring home Bierce:

He's 11 weeks old now, and almost 18 pounds -- he's going to be a big old monster dog. But he's pretty toddler friendly (as you can tell by the way they're sprawled out on the floor together here), and a wonderfully relaxed fella all around. Baby J has passed down some clothes (with tags, buttons, and/or snaps removed) that are too small for him to his new BFF to wear as makeshift Thunder Shirt. Basically the idea is that using a snug-fitting shirt can sometimes help relieve a dog's anxiety. So far, we've had pretty decent success. We take Bierce almost everywhere we go right now, but have started leaving him, crated with his shirt on, at home for short stints (since we don't have any dog-friendly grocery stores around). I've noticed a difference in the length and intensity of his barking/whining (none when we leave, at least).

Here's an outfit post from a couple of days back ... everything thrifted, as usual. Don't mind the frowny face, it was just a no good kind of day. The weather has been crap, my moods have had all the charm of dog farts, and... well, sorry for the mean face.

Hope everyone out there is someplace sunnier than here!


  1. 1. Cutest puppy ever.

    2. I love your outfit! That jacket is brilliant, and the top and the skirt- love it! !!

  2. Thanks yaaaall!

    That jacket is one of my favorite finds -- only five dollars on thrift store clearance!

  3. Puppy! What a cutie!
    Also, that outfit is amaze, and I am totally in love with the jacket.

  4. Thank you!

    I really don't buy things over a dollar or two very often, but that jacket was too rare and good to pass up!

  5. Your puppy is beautiful! Also, i adore your hair, i've always wanted to go for a Chelsea Cut but i've never been brave enough. Your jacket is delicious and totally adds that extra something to your outfit. x

  6. The outfit is sheer brilliance! I am loving the dress!

  7. The outfit is sheer brilliance! I am loving the dress!