24 August 2011

all of the photos forever

No energy for a real post. Pictures of the place and the dogs during their first visit. In the last photo, my partner is coaxing me into shooting that gun "just one time." That's a totally candid shot; it was too dark for him to see me hold up the camera.

I did shoot the gun, by the way. The kickback wasn't bad at all.

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  1. Fivehundredpoundpeep13/9/11 11:05 AM

    It looks like a great area. Are you preppers? I wish I could afford to live in the country or get to it. Lived in a very small rural town for 10 years: this place is too huge and overpopulated for me. Considering the state of the world, the more self sufficient you can be, and if you can manage that as a renter, all the better. Thanks for the pretty pictures.