20 August 2011

The Burrow!

So, remember when I said, oh that place in the hollow is probably not for us, but maybe, yadda yadda?

Yeah. We're moving there. And in lieu of a traditional deposit, the landlord has agreed to let us put that money toward revamping the inside of the house. New carpet for the two bedrooms (at least) and new wallpaper for those as well (depending on what's underneath the current vomity wallpaper).

Here's the rundown on the new place:
  • 16 acres.
  • kitchen w/all normal kitcheny things.
  • a garden tub in the master bathroom (I will fit with room to spare!).
  • same rent cost, but almost twice the size of our current place. 
  • covered front porch.
  • a big open wood shed AND a small barn (“be a good place for a pony…” said the landlord.) and a chicken run.
  • the storm cellar (because tornados) has tons of shelving so i could actually store self-canned stuff.
  • a pasture (half of the huge front yard is a pasture that runs up behind the house into the forested hillside, and farther on down it’s a huge garden. i mean rows of corn huge).
  • our own private fucking forest full of deer and turkey, and a landlord who’s all about some hunting.
  • a trail leading into the woods right up to a rocky bluff in the hill that totally needs to be climbed.
  • around the corner from a gas station / market-type place and right down the road from a miniature horse/pony farm (I MEAN, COME ON).
  • nothing seemed haunted. we went back at night to sit in the road and listen to the silence and see the stars and absorb the dark.
  • my parents are giving us their old deep freezer so we won't have to go to the store so often.
I'm so excited. Also, will be making a sign that says "The Burrow," fer sure.

Here are some things I'm lusting after for the remodel.

Rad Vintage Truck Bedspread Cover for J.'s room.

Vintage Cafe Curtains

Vintage Floral Curtains
The Lovers Chenille Bedspread

Vintage Blue Floral Drapes

Vintage Yellow Tabletop Metal Enterprise Meat Grinder
Juice King 1950s Vintage Modern Juicer

Okay, time to stop fretting and start moving.


  1. Rebecca - Wearelargepeople20/8/11 5:02 PM

    Congratulations! That's so exciting!

  2. Thank you! I'm totally buggin.

  3. bathtubgoldfish21/8/11 10:07 AM

    16 acres! holy moly! we're currently on 7 acres at the partner's parentals house and i thought that was a lot. it sounds like a really neat place though, i'm a little jealous. and i'm also a little jealous that you get access to free deer meat (via hunting) - probably one of the best things i ate this summer was made with deer. also, i am totally lusting after that peacock spread now but most defintely cannot afford it. OH WELL. <3

  4. LOL, dude I can't afford that peacock spread either but I love it like mad. I will be saving up and hoping something like it is available come Xmas. And 7 acres is a lot! I would've been thrilled about just 1 after living in the city. I have to learn how to cook venison, though, and pretty soon too -- the only time I tried it was a total fail.

  5. "nothing seemed haunted." <3 <3 <3

    can i come too?

  6. OF COURSE! maybe we can build a little yurt in the back in the next year or so as a "guest house" and have people stay. i mean, we have a pull out bed, but that's not good for long term since you'll be moving in and all. :3 and also <3____<3

  7. Beej LeSweete24/8/11 10:21 AM

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CPNGRATUFONFSOEUH:POUW!!!!!!11111111

  8. bahahaha. i know exactly what you just said. and thank you!