15 August 2011

cooking with fat and loving the shit out of it

I'm a little bit into Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon -- it's been my go-to book of cook for almost 3 years, if memory serves. It's about whole foods and enzymes and using a fuckton of butter and awesome oils in cooking. I have a few cookbooks in my kitchen, but NT is my all-time favorite. I haven't experimented with a tenth of the recipes in it, and definitely not with most of the pickling/sprouting stuff (I'm interested, but don't have the means), but it has so many basic, always-amazing instructions for gloriously simple food that it's pretty indispensable to me.

My little brother is going away this week to start art school in Seattle, so Sunday I used my parents' (bigger and thus more accommodating to the level of mess I make while cooking) kitchen to make everyone food. Food that I like, and food that I wish I could feed my family every single day. However, 3.5 pounds of fresh salmon goes for about 26 bucks in grocery stores -- not really in my weekly budget. That said! 3.5 pounds will easily feed 6 or 7 adults, so it's not too bad to buy a bit if you're feeding less people. I also tried out a recipe for baked macaroni and cheese that my mother-in-law gave me, but tampered with her instructions to lighten the blow (seriously, her mac&cheese will knock you into a splendorous food-coma) and used corn-based noodles.

For this meal, I followed the NT recipe for basic baked salmon (except used oregano in place of paprika), and used it as inspiration to make a butter sauce for the fish. I added buttermilk, garlic, and didn't really follow the recipe beyond using lemon juice and shallots. I added the strained shallots from the sauce to the broccoli and the results were well-received (by my stomach). The yams were baked, and I really just beat them up (fun!) and added butter, honey, a bit of salt and brown sugar.

boldly serving fish in sexy ass clogs

broccoli w/shallots and shredded cheese
broccoli, smashed honey butter yams, butter sauce, and salmon

food porn

four layers of cheese and noodles. FOUR LAYERS.

Everything turned out much better than I expected. Please don't make fun of my pathetic attempt to label the food on the images. I use MSPaint for everything (because I'm 11 forever) and sometimes it lets me down.

Also, here's me and my wonderful kid, posing awkwardly in front of our garage door. No make up and dirty pants. Definitely worthy of sharing. While the shoes I'm wearing look cute to me when I look down at them, peep toes always look like mouths missing teeth to me in pictures.

Stay alive!


  1. i would literally murder someone for that mac and cheese.

  2. I'm in love with your new hair and blog banner! Also, that mac looks TASTY. I need it. Right now.

  3. <3333 thanxxx. the mac turned out much, much tastier than i had anticipated. i've never used gluten-free noodles before, but i was not disappointed.

  4. nothing goes better with macaroni than murder.

  5. it was sooooooooooo tasty. i'm pretty humble about it though. X3