23 September 2011

heavy aura: rain, rain, rain, or tennessee in the fall

Also, welcome autumn:

After I explained to my kid what the "macro" setting was for, he got busy taking awesome photos of his candy corn.
Our little family took an accidental day trip to Center Hill Lake/Dam (a 64 mile long man-made lake thanks to the folks at the TVA) and the Edgar Evins State Park. We also had a peek at the Caney Fork River below us. The road to the park is just a bit up the highway from our home, so we just took the turn to see how far away it actually was. Not far, but even though we live in a fairly remote place, the scenery was shocking and, to gingerly use a much-abused word, surreal.

I was unprepared to capture anything with my camera, so the partner's phone cam is the best we had. The roads to and in the park were tremendously terrifying with the steepest possible drop offs (and I lived in Denver for awhile) but very, very gorgeous. To be totally honest, we went on a rainy, windy day, and everything fucking looked like Forks. It's terrible that Twilight is a source of running gags in our house (or car, in this case), but we kept saying to each other at every possible opportunity, "You aren't in Phoenix anymore, Bells." Once we latch on to an in-joke, we really commit to it. For better or worse. Or way worse.
Everything thrifted except the top, which is a hand-me-down. And the kid, who is organically derived.

ma & pa
By the way, if you ever make it out to Edgar Evins, beware the awesome but somewhat alarmingly spirally observation tower. Great view, but the thing sways in the wind. I know that's a perfectly normal structural thing, but when I got to the top and felt that movement ... no sir, I don't like it.

Photo of said tower of terror, by Brian Stansberry.

The next day was considerably less full of "tree mess" (as my kid likes to call it). However, the kiddo did get to break out his thrifted vintage plaid pants, and capturing his "fashion pose" was worth the upload. Plus, we were both wearing our Docs. I found his pair, in amazing orange suede, for a buck fifty!

On kiddo: thrifted shirt, pants, and orange docs! On ma: gifted tank, thrifted skirt, target sweater, and etsy-origin docs
His pose is way better than mine -- I think that's why he's giving me that little side-eye right there.


  1. i love your little family! those plaid pants are making my ovaries swell! so so good. also, i really want candy corn.

  2. Be careful! Swollen ovaries can lead to heavy petting!

  3. Holy shit! I love your boots!