18 October 2011

when pumpkins fly

Trying to edit this photo to mimic the amazing quality of photos out of craft books from the 1970s.
So we've been without internet for, well, awhile. I have my birthday wish, though (I'll be 27 tomorrow) -- no more TV! At least TV that costs money. We're broke, but with the help of family I think we'll manage one way or another. I'm looking forward to a "no buy" November. I found awesome recipes for apple and pear butter, and that's what I'll be making for gifts this year.


The booger and I got to go to a pumpkin farm (thanks to Nana & Papa) for mazes and animal petting and gourds and tractor rides.



  1. 1- happy birthday!
    2- i love your hair colour/shirt combo!
    3-i can't believe how big your wee one is getting!
    4- i love pumpkins!


  2. 1-2: thank you! xoxoxo 3: ;____________; i know right?!!!! 4: squash is (are?) the best of all foods.

  3. Seconded, Happee Birthday, have a great day. Those flowers are beautiful.