03 January 2011

tiger shoes, here i come.

Disregard the title, it is of no importance. Unless you have a kid who's into Ni Hao Kai Lan.

New Year's seems arbitrary, a bit (I mean, how many cultures have a different New Year?) -- the whole holiday season seems forced. There's this sweeping, intense rush toward Christmas, and when you've been encouraged to spend and consume as much as possible, New Year drops in to remind you that you can re-set your life, make better choices, get to higher ground. Or, perhaps, you could go research those other New Years and get a fresh start by celebrating them all. (Not that I encourage cultural appropriation --please be respectful about it if that plan of action appeals to you.)

I don' t know much about all that noise, but I do know that I had absolutely nothing to do on New Year's Eve. We have awesome friends with kids we would normally spend the evening with, but they were all down with some sickness. So, because my parents were out of town, we spent the night at their house being wowed by their U-verse. We watched many movies, and drank almost nothing (I was the house drunk with one Bud Light under my belt). However, since we're way silly, I dressed up for the whole day of non-partying, which concluded in the evening with a "photo shoot." Luckily, my ma has armfuls of over-the-top costume jewelry and accessories, so I was able to embellish my original outfit and get a really good game of dress up in before the start of 2011.

the ridiculousness, plus a rug rats watch.

i bring you ... class.

the yellow shoes, which i wore all day: thrifted

this one came out a bit more sex pot than intended;
 i swear, i was pulling the skirt down, not up!

just your typical fiddling with picasa in order to achieve the necessary "ghosty flapper" grain.
Don't have a good year -- have a good life.