29 January 2011

it's safe!

If you're viewing this blog with Google Chrome, it may show you a malware warning. (Thanks for the heads-up, Rebecca!) We've checked into this, and it's perfectly safe to view/visit my blog. <3

Much new stuff now up at the shop (and more to come) ! Please take a peek -- I'm really trying to price everything fairly, in a way that pays me for time spent looking and photographing, but, ultimately, is affordable to the greatest range of people. It's important to me that folks who see something they like can afford it. I know the feeling of being excluded from that experience very well, and I hate to think I'm doing that to someone else. :/ (I'm also a sliiiiiiight tid bit tipsy at the mo, so my emotions are a tad on the effusive side.) Anyway! Here are some of my favorite items (please please exclude, er, excuse any weird/mean faces I may be making).

Remember, all followers of my blog and/or Tumblr receive 10% off their entire order. Just show me you follow in the "notes to seller."


Much love, y'all.

28 January 2011

god loves a terrier

Title unrelated.

After I get done doing the 15,000 measurements I do for each garment (because it really irks me to buy something that fits in the waist but not the hips, or in the bust but not around the upper arms), I will finally be posting new things to my Etsy shop!

I was the only model I had, so please, when they do get posted, if you happen to take a peek, forgive my weird face.

Until then, here's an outtake shot.

Paying attention to the camera much? (Also, got my Docs today! My first real pair, ever. So excited.)

Oh yes, I forgot to add before -- I got some new specs! These came from ZenniOptical and were way cheap. I love them. 

Only one more edit, I swear! We had to go buy cat food today, and Baby J loves the pet store...

25 January 2011

fresh hell.

I had such plans for today! Photos of all this stock I want to post in the shop, actually posting that stock... but, no. Instead, it rained. Since I don't have a good place inside to do photos, I'm dependent on sunshine and the old clothesline in the neighbor's backyard. I have this great purple and red plaid blazer, all these freaking skirts, a black velvet babydoll dress (so very Hole; I found two of these together awhile back, and kept the purple one for myself... for now), and so much else that it's starting to get a bit ridiculous. And all plus sizes!

So, instead of doing anything worthwhile, I did a bit of laundry, puttered intensely, and just essentially effed around all day. About the time 6PM rolled around, I noticed that, despite having dressed Baby J when we got up, I never got dressed myself.

Way to go!

Edit! I had some pictures left over from yesterday's picture self-suckfest, so why the hell not, here's some of my favorite things:

24 January 2011

craft post!

Today's craft made me so happy I felt the need to post it on its own; Baby J did a great job. He picked the subject (a bus), and did most of the "painting." We re-purposed  re-used a sheet of watercolor paper, matting, and a frame from the thrift store that's been laying around the house for awhile waiting to be transformed into something fun.
Happy baby!

Because I'm a noodle and forgot to buy watercolors (and I feared the possibilities of an epic tragedy using acrylics), we had to improvise. I drew on the basic idea of the picture with black crayon, then we soaked the paper, and ran different colors of markers over different areas. Then Baby J "painted" the colors, effectively spreading them out and mixing them together. We were impatient (ie, I was impatient), so we dried the paper with the hairdryer (and "vacuumed" each other, too), then added more details with crayons. 
About to reassemble!

Last step, fitting the paper back into the old matting, and picking a place in the playroom to hang it! 

I originally intended for a sunny day, but Baby J wanted rain; sunshower it is!
A detail of the bus.

Later gators!

day of royalty koala

Sweater - handed down; skirt and boots - thrifted
Everybody was sick, or sick-ish, for the whole first part of the day. My partner was well enough at about Baby J's naptime to resume fixing the brakes on our car (yay transpo) while the kiddo and I took a really, sumptuously, ridiculously long and lovely nap. Hence, day of the royal koala. (They're always sleeping when I see them, plus I hear they can be one bitch  of an animal to deal with.) I know it's a shitty photo, better one to follow at the end of all this.

Everyone seems to be on the mend now, though. We had a couple of good friends over this evening for a bit, and my brother popped in as well. He and I have been having a bit of a passive-aggressive tiff the past day or so, but I think we've sorted it out as best we probably will. (JOKES, y'all. When someone gets their feelings stomped, crapped on, or otherwise wronged in my family, we always resort to jokes.)

I got a little weird having folks over (even though these are truly good people who I get along well with), so I ended up taking tons of pictures and giving Baby J a bath while they were here. Rude, right? Yeah. I feel like a huge asshole. 

Before I discovered sepia tones on my camera. Baby J chasing his uncle.

My brother's socks. He's pretty fierce.

We took this picture for medical purposes. Brother has a stye under his eyelid. It's SUPER GROSS. 

I don't think anyone is identifiable in this photo, so I thought it pretty safe to
 post as proof that I was modestly social! Yes, I love Craisins.

My favorite bag.

This? This is just a banana on a pillow. Enjoy!

We also went to World Market tonight -- we usually go there about once every six months or so, and usually just come out with some strange little whoosit (this time it was a wind-up clownfish) for Baby J and lots of candy. Tonight I tried a ginseng energy beverage that tasted like dirt in a way I quite enjoyed (but then, I like turnips and stuff, too).

In my folks' house, holding said energy beverage.

Also, I'm extending the 10% off at the shop to followers of this blog and/or my tumblr indefinitely. I figure I read your thoughts, too, and you give me lots of happiness I would not otherwise have, so this is just a tiny thank you.

Tomorrow I'm gonna show you my bathroom (dun dun DUN)!