08 April 2011

let's get small.

So, because my heart is bleeding all over lately, we now have 2 puppies. The new little bit, dubbed Tiny by Baby J, came to us free -- she's an Old English Bulldog/Lab cross. The world moves the way it moves, I guess. I couldn't say no when we saw her.

So there's a lot of life under this roof now, and plans to fence the (thankfully enormous) backyard soon.

Our car is having some problems, these fixes are getting annoying and compounding, so hopefully that can all get fixed. I have some orders from the shop waiting to be sent. Not being able to send orders promptly really causes me a lot of anxiety.

As my partner is working every second he can, I'm the solo entertainment director for the pups and the kiddo, which can be challenging (mostly for Baby J, who is learning to "share" me with the pups). Luckily, the dogs really respond to a schedule.

Today was sweaty -- I did laundry, cleaned up, and chased after a toddler and dogs. And I have no photographer. So the cut-off shorts and old tank top I'm wearing didn't get documented, but I did take some pictures of one of our outdoor play sessions.

Bierce - 14 weeks.

Tiny - 8 weeks.


Pretty Tiny with a heart-shaped tongue. @_@ 

Bierce, trying to take all the things away from Tiny.

Baby J, making a "meteor shower."