30 September 2011

let's get small (town); or, is this a photoblog?

this is a hybrid fat of the land post, for sure. a few weeks ago we went out to an alpaca show, bought some seeds, ate amazing diner food, and went to a open-to-the-public pow wow. it was an amazing day, and i was so absorbed i didn't take actual pictures of much of the adventure. i wouldn't have taken photos of the pow wow anyway because, i don't know, that seems in poor taste. and with all of the appropriation of native culture on my tumblr dashboard lately, i just felt like it would border on cultural tourism to post photos of an event that felt very personal. there was amazing intertribal dancing, great food (gator on a stick! it's so tasty), and all these kids just running around together (mine included) in the open area behind all the dancers. we arrived in time for the dance which honored native and non-native veterans. by the way, if you ever attend one of these events, and a dance of this sort is going on, please stand up (if you are physically able, of course). i mean, if you see everybody the hell else stand up, there's probably a good reason for that.

going to the alpaca show

needed to feel fancy as fuck going to the alpaca show, obvs.

this town is literally one long street

i just can't

beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetlejuice

at the little historical village at the fairgrounds

ram damn

little trucks and firewagons were parked all over the grounds of the village

lovely garden, also at the fairgrounds


moar GPOF



cartoonz, man

cool season gardens, let's not killem

i fucking forgot to take photos of the actual alpacas. enjoy this shot of the informational  brochure.

i can't stop looking at the place i live.

sun sitting down

to the porch


the back of the doghouse we don't use

some weird trash left by former tenants

Bierce, by the kiddler

my kid is a photography master

taken by my kid; he takes a lot of pictures of torsos

another by the kid from the roof of the storm shelter
I know a lot of people don't dream about living in a single wide in the middle of nowhere. I know a lot of people would probably like it, too. I'm a little surprised by how good it feels to live here. Every moment I'm in this place, breathing this air that smells like cut hay and wet dirt, I feel overwhelmed in a happy way. In the city, I was overwhelmed by anxiety and I feel trapped behind closed blinds. Here, I don't feel trapped, even though I admit I'm intentionally isolated. While maybe it isn't ideal that being in a moderately populated area makes me feel crazier than a shithouse rat, I'm glad and grateful to have found a place that makes me feel like some kind of regular, happy rat.

Though, honestly, I feel pretty scared, too. Scared that it'll be taken away, that we won't be able to stay, that it's just a tease and everything will fall apart. So I breathe easy, but I'm still holding my breath.