27 October 2011

more hours of sleep, i need you.

Still waiting to hear whether or not I've been accepted to the graduate studies program.

If I haven't I don't really have a back up plan.

Here's to giving a Plan B a big old fuck you.

I've slept for almost 16 hours in the past 24.

Today is cool and misty and rainy and I hate today. I see no reason for today. Today is doing nothing for me. If today was a person, it would sneeze on me in line at the grocery store and I would say, "No, no, that's okay." Inside I would hate it. I do hate it.

I hate you, today. I hope your cold develops into pneumonia and you can't fight off a secondary infection and you fucking die.

Today is one of those days where I realize that I have almost nothing "going for me." That's an obscenely vague collection of words that I will, merrily even, add to the list of things I detest about today. I'll begrudgingly admit that poor wording and a lackadaisical approach to blogwriting isn't really the fault of a Thursday, but I don't even care. It's Thursday's fault, ya here? YOUR FAULT, THURSDAY, NOT MINE.

I have no money, I have no job, and my biggest accomplishments this month are applying for grad school and driving the car a whopping three times (I have a driving thing, whatever, it's fucking stupid).

My life is ridiculous.Without going through the laundry list of individual problems we've faced the past 3 years, without an effusive acknowledgment that there are many folks in the world having a harder time than us, I'll just say that life has been stupid fucking hard.

Okay, Thursday, so you're almost off the hook. Bigger picture and whatnot. While you suck a massive egg, I think it's my life that's the real element of shit here.

What to do, what to do.