24 November 2011

wanksgiving backwards pie

Santa Claus promises a magic economy without scarcity, almost a utopian dream” (McGreevy, 1990). [via this article/essay]

Oh, meant to mention the shitty pie I made. The filling should be awesome -- roasted a pie pumpkin, used yogurt and Chinese Five Spice and all kinds of wild and thrilling ingredients. But. Never used premade pie crusts before, so didn't take the time to realize that the non-frozen ones were not intended for eXxXtreme pie-making. So baked the filling in a glass pie tray, then transferred it to the premade crust, baked for ten more minutes, and VOILA! Backwards pumpkin pie.

Will start on the wild turky (the bird, not the delicious drink) soon.

Oh, and court went pretty well. It was absolutely nothing like court, except that it did happen to occur within the walls of a courthouse.

20 November 2011

when you give, give for real.

I want to put this out in the world:

If you do good things because you feel doing good things entitles you to some sort of ownership over the people you do them for, you're not a good person.

That is all.

embed 'em? i hardly know 'em!

Sounds I find amazing and thrilling and, yanno, good:

Sam Chatmon - "God Don't Like Ugly"

Peggy Lee - "Black Coffee"

The Blenders - "Don't Fuck Around with Love"

The Poni-Tails - "Born Too Late"

Binnie Hale - "As Time Goes By"

ELO - "Mr. Blue Sky" (set to scenes from Eraserhead)

Rolling Stones - "Dandelion" 

Rolling Stones - "19th Nervous Breakdown"

Henry Hall and his Orchestra - "The Clouds Will Soon Roll By"

Sorry for doubling up on the Stones. They're one of the few bands I've been able to stomach lately.