11 May 2012

salad and sprite

Our two new "science projects" were found lurking in the bug-controlled territories of our lettuce today. Meet Sprite and Salad (so monikered by the boy-o).
As boy-o and I discussed, Salad and Sprite are difficult to see because of the wonders of camouflage. They've made a semi-permanent settlement on the kitchen window sill, along with Beanhilda the bean sprout and some random herb sproutlets (one of which is growing out of the bottom of its container because I'm so good at plants).

Here, in this highly scientific gif, the boy-o demonstrates how wormy things with segmented bodies move. Please excuse our yard mess. Two dogs and a foster dog can make your yard unpresentable pretty swiftly. Their favorite activities seem to be destroying all outside towels and prematurely ending the lives of all cheap plastic kids' toys. Also pooping. And, yes, my 4 year old is sporting a Clonyclavan.

If you'd like to raise your own caterpillars, all you need is an old (clean) plastic bottle, some flora, (preferably heritage organic blahblahblah lettuces that the bugs in your yard think belong to them so you go ahead and just agree with them because they're probably right), a touch a of water, and, you know, the caterpillars. We put in some weedy flowers to be twee about it. Also, air holes. They will so die without air holes. I used a rusty nail to poke holes, but you could be more elegant about it. 

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